Visiting Ben Tre, a small province of Mekong River Delta, tourists in Vietnam travel can get to Vam Ho, a famous tourist attraction, either by road or via waterways. It had better make a boat trip because the visitors will get a chance to see the endless lines of coconut trees. At sunset, thousands of birds from surrounding area fly in and sleep in Vam Ho.

Vam Ho bird sanctuary in Ben Tre Vietnam
Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary which is 52 km from Ben Tre town or 120 km from Ho Chi Minh city lies in the area of two communes My Hoa and Tan Xuan, Ba Tri District, near Ba Lai Estuary.
Vam Ho gathers many wild forests with a great variety of trees including water coconut, mangrove, and reed, etc. Vam Ho has long become a favorite destination for many animals, especially birds, to which the region is dedicated. There are about 84 species of birds in 35 classes, including 500,000 storks. Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary is home to thousands of storks, herons and other types of birds. The best time to see the storks is from April to October, as this is time when they take refuge in Vam Ho garden to produce and raise their young.
Vam Ho bird sanctuaryVam Ho Bird Sanctuary
 At 4pm to 5pm everyday, an interesting event takes place. Thousands of storks coming home nearly whiten all the tree tops. Meanwhile, the herons begin their night searching for food. Besides white storks, visitors in Vietnam tourism can see many other types of storks as well as bats, snakes, weasels and pythons. They may also find themselves get lost in the world of birds, with various shapes and sounds. The sound of thousands of birds mixing and playing, dancing and whooping becomes the enchanting song of the jungle. In addition, the song of the storks has different rhythms and calls of other wild birds mixed with the sound of leaves, which makes a silent summer’s night shimmer with excitement.
Vam Ho bird sanctuaryTourists in Vietnam tourism travel to Vam Ho by boat.
Visiting Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary, tourists participating in tours in Vietnam have an opportunity to travel around by boat, penetrate the submerged forest and step along narrow bamboo bridges to fill their chests with the fresh air of a well-preserved wetland. Especially, travelers can take a rest under the shadow of the forest or visit relics of American resistance war in Vietnam.
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