Far from 12km south of Buon Ma Thuot City, Ea Kao Lake is a famous tourist resort of Dak Lak Province. This tourist resort is built with a large and modern scale, but its traditional identities are still preserved.
Ea Kao Lake tourist resort
The tourist resort of Ea Kao Lake covers an area of 120 hectares (not counting the surface of the lake) with various areas, including amusement parks, gardens, restaurants, natural reserve and guesthouses. This tourist resort is surrounded with numerous green trees, contributing to the maintenance and restoration of the province’s ecological environment, as well as to the preservation and promotion of cultural values of the ethnic groups in the region.

Coming to Ea Kao Lake, visitors in Vietnam travel will have opportunities to relax and enjoy fresh air, and take part in entertainment, tourist and cultural activities.
Ea Kao Lake
With a temperate climate, average temperature of 20.7ºC and annual average rainfall of 2,155 mm, this area creates favorable conditions for the development of the regional tourism in particular and for the development of Vietnam tourism in general.