Renowned as the most royal city in Vietnam, Hue has enough charm to keep you staying as long as you can afford the time to. The city is divided into the more ancient side and more modern side by the Perfume River.
To the West bank of the river is the Hue citadel with impressive architecture and relics from an opulent feudal era. The East bank is where most accommodation and restaurant services locate. Though modernity has left many touches, the new city still contains Hue soul that’s nowhere to be found in Vietnam, if not the world.

Besides the World Heritage site of old citadels, Hue is also studded with royal tombs that were built over the last three centuries. It is especially interesting for those who love history, archaeology or culture, for the many messages the sites convey. For those who would just want to do “been there, done that”, the bike ride around the city to reach these tombs can be a rewarding trip.
If Hanoi food is famous for its popularity which can be found in every street corner, Hue’s food boasts it unrivalled royalty. The specialty you are going to try most likely was served to the King in the old time. That explains its exquisite quality and small portion when placed on the table.
A boat trip along the Perfume River will do the job: you will get to try royal cuisines while listening to Hue’s royal performance and cherishing the peaceful landscape. Come to Hue to make yourself King and Queen (or prince and princess) at least once in your life!