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Lying in Krong Na Commune, Buon Don District, 40km west of Buon Ma Thuot City, YokDon National Park is proud of its bio-diversity, which attracts both scientists and visitors in Vietnam tourism.

YokDon national park
Whenever tourists joining tours in Vietnam travel to Dak Lak, they usually stop at Buon Don, a famous tourist attraction. Being proud of its bio-diversity and the largest national park in Vietnam, which attracts both tourists and scientists. YokDon national park covers 115,000ha, not including 10,000ha of its belt zone. Its jungles bear the characteristics of tropical forests in Southeast Asia. According to primary survey, YokDon boasts 464 species of flora, most of which are Michelia (ngoc lan). In dry seasons, it is still cool, just like the climate in Da Lat, and orchids are still in full bloom. 
serepok river yok don national park
The most attractive thing for tourists in Vietnam travel to see in this park is its diverse kinds of forest. Nowhere else in Viet Nam preserves so many species of precious birds and animals as in YokDon National Park. This natural park is home to 62 animal species, 196 bird species, 46 reptile species, 15 fresh water fish species and thousands of insect species. Of the 56 precious animal species of Indochina, Yok Don National Park preserves 38, of which 17 are listed in the World Red Book. This park is the only place in Viet Nam where great numbers of precious animals are still preserved: elephants, wild bulls, gayals, sambar deer, peacocks, water varans, and so on.
YokDon national park
When visiting YokDon National Park, tourists can ride on elephant's back to make a sightseeing tour in the forest, or to wade across Serepok River. They can enjoy traditional specialties or drink can alcohol together with the locals while listening to village patriarch's stories about legends of this land.
Now, if you have time to come to YokDon National Park, you will have a chance to discover fascinating things, which surely leave unforgettable impressions on your mind.

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