Tra Co Beach is widely known as the first beach on the country’s map, the longest beach (17km) in the country, and Vietnam's most pristine and romantic beach.

Tra Co is one of the most beautiful beaches in Viet Nam. Located in Quang Ninh province, next to Viet Nam – China border,  Tra Co - a good and charming place for vacations is only 8 -9 kilometers away from Mong Cai town.
Tra Co Beach is a popular attraction to tourists in Vietnam travel with broad fine sand beaches stretching for 17 kilometers from the cape named Got in the north to the cape named Ngoc in the south. The coastline is bordered by 3-4 meters high sand dunes and peaceful  fishing  villages. It’s widely known as the longest beach in the country and considered the most pristine and romantic one with deep blue sea the year around and smooth white sand. The beach is shaded by a range of casuarina, protecting the village from the wind and the sand. Tra Co beach is an ideal place for tourists in Vietnam tourism to spend holidays. If you spend your holiday on the fifth month of the lunar calendar, you can have a chance to take part in  Tra Co Communal House Festival organized from the 30th of the fifth lunar month to the 6th of the sixth lunar month.
Tra Co has an abundance of fish so visitors in tours to Vietnam can enjoy several local specialties made from cuttlefish, crab, shrimp, oysters and squid. The best known local dishes are made from king crabs.
Next to Tra Co Beach is the beautiful Con Mang (Mang islet), about 5km from Mong Cai. The sand here is smooth and firm and you can easily ride a motorbike on it without being afraid of sinking or slipping. You can also enjoy the beautiful view at sunrise or sunset.
So, Tra Co’s beauty is due to many natural features, when you have an opportunity to go to Quang Ninh, you should not miss this place. Please come to Tra Co and explore this charming beach!
Followings are some beautiful photos of Tra Co beach:
Tra Co is considered the most romantic beach in Vietnam.
Tra Co beach with its wide stretches of smooth white sand and deep blue sea all the year round
Sunrise at Tra Co beach
Thu Nguyen (collected)
Source: VCW
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