Chang Son or Chang Thon formerly, in Thach That district, Hanoi, is a village being famous with many traditional handicrafts .

The village has retained a saying that "Many tax-payers and few field 1and but hundreds good craas " . Among them, the carpentry is the most famous one. It has been developed and given favorable preconditions to generate other branches such as construction carpentry (temple, pagoda and house construction), and furniture carpentry (bed, chair and cabinet making) in which the furniture carpentry is bearing high value of interior decoration with handicraft and fine art styies.

Legend tells a story that the progenitor of Chang Son carpentry lived in early formation of Dai Viet (Great Việt) nation when Buddhism was venerated so much Therefore, Chang Son carpentry major works were almost wooden Buddhism statues. With this career, Chang Son carpenters were practicing everywhere.

They could undertake an entire work, or cooperated with other carpentry groups in other villages or other professionals to undertake. This is a unique feature of Chang Son carpenters.
Over challenges of time, Chang Son workers still retain their traditional occupation and their products become more prestigious in the market.