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The Royal Palace By Night Program

The Royal Palace By Night program will take place on three main axes: the central one (from Ngo Mon to the base of Kien Trung Palace), the left wing (from The Mieu Temple to Truong Sanh Residence) and the right wing (from Noi Vu Office to Co Ha Royal Park).

Apart from the acclaimed events from previous festivals such as welcoming performance, installations, displays of paintings, art photos and calligraphy, royal games, royal banquets, Oriental Night shows, royal dances and so forth, the Royal Palace by Night in Festival 2012 also offers "Ancient Hue Memories Through Antiques" exhibition (at Ta Vu Pavilion), the spectacle "Memoirs on Imperial Concubines' " (at Truong Lang area), "Tuong’s mask" installation art (at Nhat Thanh Pavilion area).

Particularly, the revived scene of a Princess’ wedding all the way between Truong Sanh Palace and Duyet Thi Duong Royal Theatre will reveal another fascinating perspective of the Nguyen Dynasty’s imperial life.

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