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Buon Ma Thuot is the capital of Dak Lak province and also one of the largest towns of Central Highlands. Tourists in Vietnam travel will be easy of access to the area’s attractive destinations with natural beauty and enjoy a nice cup of coffee-the most important thing need to be done here.

Buon Ma Thuot city
The Victory Statue – a symbol of the city
Buon Ma Thuot, with 536 m in height, is the capital of Dak Lak province and also the biggest city in Central Highlands. The city has a calm, cool weather during the year, with an average temperature of 23oC. In the language of the E-de ethnic people, Buon Ma Thuot (or Buon Ama Y Thuot) means the village of father Thuot, the man who built the first village on the bank of the Ea Tam Stream.
Buon Ma Thuot is also one of the largest towns of Central Highlands. It is famous for lush array of fruits, vegetables and especially coffee! Buon Ma Thuot coffee is proud of being ranked the first position in Vietnam market for a long time; and not surprisingly, it has not found any rival yet.
Drap Sap waterfall
Drap Sap Waterfall
Tourists in Vietnam tourism can visit the spectacular waterfalls such as Dray Sap, Dray Anour, Dray H'ling, etc when coming to Buon Ma Thuot. The travelers can totally enjoy the trips to the villages of the E-de and M'nong ethnic groups to experience the essences of the Gong Festival, ride the elephant during a hunt in the mysterious forests, or simply sit still on a piragua and breath in the air of the Asian wilderness.
Buon Ma Thuot streets
The center of Buon Ma Thuot city
Apart from the ancient constructions, most of which are carefully built wood houses, local people find it essential to build more modern and creative buildings. Thus, when tourists joining tours in Vietnam want to visit Buon Ma Thuot nowadays, they can see the wide roads decorated with green trees and beautiful flowers and a lot of newly constructed residential complexes. However, the most important thing to do in Buon Ma Thuot is nothing else but drinking coffee!  Dak Lak 's Basalt empowers the city to grow Robusta Coffee better than anywhere else in the world. Buon Ma Thuot Coffee has been mesmerizing consumers from both inside and outside the country for decades!
If you are traveling around Vietnam, you once time visit Buon Ma Thuot and don’t leave this city without having sampled the best coffee in the country.

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