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Phung Islet thas another name that is Tan Vinh islet, which is an island floating on Tien River in Tan Thach commune, Chau Thanh suburban district. It is just only 12km far from the center of Ben Tre. Phung islet is famous not only for its variety of fruits, especially the coconuts, but also for the delicious dishes of south-east Vietnam. Visitors in Vietnam tourism can reach the islet by boat.

Phung islet
Coming to Phung islet by boat.
Visitors in Vietnam tourism can reach this islet by boat. After taking time on the islet, visitors can continue to ride along the river, visiting the handicraft and coconut factories, and then disembark to catch a coach ride to tropical gardens. Here they can rest under shadow of coconut trees, sip tea with fresh honey and blueberries while listening to the beautiful melodies of traditional music.
Coming to Phung islet tourist area, tourists joining tours in Vietnam will do sightseeing unique architectural projects of the place where used to be the holy land of Coconut religion, which once spread over 1,500 km2 of Ben Tre. The Coconut Religion was created in the 1940s by Nguyen Thanh Nam. The name "Phung islet" existed when Mr. Nam came here and built Nam Quoc Phat pagoda. When this work was being built, they found out an ancient bowl carved with a phoenix, since then, they called it Phung islet.
Phung islet
Arts and crafts made by coconuts.
Another special point about Phung Islet is about the daily life. The residents living here focus on making handicrafts from the coconut trees. Visitors in Vietnam travel coming here can witness the process of making coconut candies and other souvenirs, and pick something to take home as a present.  If tourists feel hungry, they can eat with local residents who will serve their everyday meal of simple but delicious foods. Weary travelers can also have a nap under the shadow of garden trees, or take path in exciting activities like photographing ostriches or crocodile fishing.
Phung islet
                                                  Amateur folk music of the South of Vietnam
Now, Phung Islet tourist area has a room of amateur folk music specializing in serving tourists. This room is put in a man-made stone cave with a lot of stalactites which make the air inside the cave very cool. Coming here, tourists in Vietnam travel will be served with smooth and profound Southern folk songs.

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